Why do dragonflies like water?

Dragonflies enjoy being around water, where they lay their eggs. When they come into contact with mosquitoes, they will immediately begin eating them, as well as any other insect pests which are present. Dragonflies are common in many parts of the world.

They come in many different sizes, colors, and shapes, and there are over 5,000 species of them in existence. Every one of these dragonfly species has its own preferences when it comes to habitats. Some will tolerate drier climates, while others need additional water sources in order to survive. Even though dragonflies have different preferences, they tend to choose clean water sources that have little to no contaminants in them.

Dragonflies are able to fly very quickly and can move from one place to another in seconds. The wings of this creature have small bristles on the outside that helps with its ability to fly so fast.

Dragonflies are known for their fierce appearance and strong bite. They have razor-sharp teeth, and when they bite into an insect, they will take a deep bite out of it, leaving behind only a small wound that will later heal over.

Why do dragonflies hang around the water?

Dragonflies are amazing creatures! They can fly through the air, but they also fly through the water. Dragonflies use their wings to propel them through the air and their legs to propel them through the water.

Dragonflies lay their eggs on plants or rocks near the water. As soon as the eggs hatch, they begin living in the water. They stay there until they become adults and can fly away from their naiad stage.

Naiads are small versions of adult dragonflies who live in freshwater. Naiads are sometimes called “nymphs.” Adult dragonflies have wings, but nymphs don’t have wings yet—they only have wings on their backs.

Nymphs usually live for about one month before becoming adults.

Do dragonflies like water?

Dragonflies enjoy being in the water. They are able to fly for extended periods of time, and their wings are covered with tiny scales that help them glide through the air. This makes them a perfect insect for catching prey, like fish or small birds, which they then carry back to their homes so they can eat them.

Dragonflies don’t have any trouble breathing underwater, either—they have a flexible body that allows them to blow air out of their rear ends when they need more oxygen than can be found in the water around them.

When it comes to swimming, dragonflies use two sets of wings: one set on top of their bodies and one set on their backsides. These wings are used in different ways—one pair is used for propelling the insect forward while another pair helps maintain balance while they’re gliding through the water at high speeds!


Dragonflies eat mosquitoes, black flies, and other insects around the water. Their bodies allow them to easily maneuver in the air, but they will swim if they have to. The predators of dragonflies can be birds, frogs, spiders, and larger insect species like praying mantises and beetles. They have natural protection with their wings, though, because when they fly, they can make themselves look larger than they are by opening their wings completely.

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