What eats dragonfly?

Adult dragonflies and nymphs are food for many different kinds of animals. Fish, newts, frogs, and other larger aquatic creatures eat the dragonfly nymphs. Adult dragonflies are food for lizards, birds, bats, and also spiders.

The dragonfly nymphs are eaten by fish, newts, frogs, and other larger aquatic creatures. Adult dragonflies are food for lizards, birds, bats, and also spiders. The adult dragonflies do not eat each other or swallow their young whole.

They lay their eggs on the surface of ponds, where they hatch into larvae that look like tiny tadpoles. The larvae grow into winged adults over a period of two or three weeks after hatching from the water.

The baby dragonflies use their long front legs to grasp prey in midair before swallowing it head first.

Dragonflies are beautiful and graceful insects that look like they come from a fairy tale. The larvae of dragonflies, called nymphs, are much smaller than the adults and have wings, but they don’t fly. The nymphs live in water or on land, depending on the species.

Adult dragonflies eat small aquatic creatures such as fish and newts. Adult dragonflies also eat mosquitoes, some moths, grasshoppers, and crickets. Adult dragonflies aren’t big enough to eat other adult dragonflies.

Do dragonflies have any enemies?

Dragonflies have enemies too. The main enemy of dragonflies is the fish that eats them. Fish such as catfish and carp eat dragonfly larvae. Birds also attack dragonflies by pecking at them with their beaks.

Lizards can also cause problems for dragonflies because they eat many different types of insects, including dragonflies. Dragonflies are very good at avoiding these dangers. However, they use camouflage to avoid being seen by predators, and they fly low to the ground so that they are not easily seen from above.

Fish are the most common enemy of dragonflies. They eat them by swallowing them whole or breaking their wings off and spitting them out while the dragonfly is still alive. Fish also use their fins to grab the legs of a dragonfly and pull it underwater, where it drowns.

Birds are another enemy of dragonflies. Birds will swoop down on a dragonfly and either kill it by pecking at its head or wings or will drop it on the ground where it dies from lack of oxygen in its bloodstream.

Lizards are another possible enemy for dragonflies because they can nibble on their wings or legs, causing them to fall from the sky and die from lack of oxygen in their bloodstream.

What is a dragonfly scared of?

Dragonflies are scared of Death of Fish! Dragonflies are one of the most beautiful insects in the world, with their elegant bodies and beautiful wings. They are also known for their amazing speed, their ability to hover in midair for long periods of time, and their ability to fly at over 50 miles per hour.

They are so fast that they can evade predators such as birds, fish, and other dragonflies by flying directly into the predator’s mouth or eyes. However, there is one predator that dragonflies are terrified of fish!

Dragonflies are very sensitive to movements around them, and they can be easily scared by the movement of water. They are said to be afraid of fish because they see them as a threat; this is why they will not fly near them.


The biggest predators of dragonflies are birds, bats, and spiders. Birds can strike with precision (they are hunters, after all) at high speed – hence they can catch dragonflies easily. Bats hang upside down on sea shores. This allows them to spot approaching dragonflies. Spiders spin webs that dips into the water bodies too.

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