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Ring Tailed Lemur Facts & Information Guide

What is a ring tailed lemur?

The Ring Tailed Lemur is a social animal that lives in groups called troops, which can range from 6 to 30 individuals. These groups are led by a dominant female, who is responsible for maintaining social order and directing the activities of the group. The females are also the primary caregivers of the young, and they will carry them on their stomachs or backs until they are old enough to move on their own.

What Areas of the World Can You Find Ring Tailed Lemur?

Ring Tailed Lemurs can be found mainly on the continent of Africa, more specifically in the following regions: Madagascar.

In general, the Ring Tailed Lemur can be typically found in climates that have a minimum temperature of 50 Fahrenheit and a maximum temperature of 104 Fahrenheit. 

How Big Are Ring Tailed Lemurs?

Ring Tailed Lemur males are typically 1.8 feet tall. A fully grown male Ring Tailed Lemur is approximately 6 pounds.

Females tend to be 2 feet tall. A fully grown female Ring Tailed Lemur is approximately 6 pounds.

Population Status, Diet, & Attitude Towards Humans

The Ring Tailed Lemur population according to its IUCN status is considered Endangered. Their population in the wild is 2000. They are usually Neutral towards humans.

The diet of the Ring Tailed Lemur is considered Omnivore which means they eat both plant and vegetation as well as meat.

Their diet mainly consists of fruits, leaves, flowers, and bark, but they also feed on insects, small mammals, and birds. They have a unique way of feeding on thorny plants by chewing on the thorns first to create a smooth surface to eat the leaves from. The Ring Tailed Lemur also has a specialized stomach that allows them to digest tough plant material that other primates cannot. However, the availability of food sources can be limited during the dry season, and they may resort to eating soil and rocks to obtain minerals and nutrients.

Food Item% of diet
Small mammals and birds2%

These lemurs are known for their unique behavior of “sunbathing,” where they will sit facing the sun with their arms and legs spread out to absorb the warmth. This behavior is thought to help regulate their body temperature and also to stimulate vitamin D production. They are also vocal animals and use a variety of calls and gestures to communicate with each other. Their vocalizations can range from grunts and clicks to alarm calls and even singing.

How Long Do Ring Tailed Lemur Live & How Many Offspring?

The life expectancy of a male Ring Tailed Lemur is typically 21 years. They are considered fully mature by the age of 3 years old. Females can generally be fertile for about 13 years after reaching the age of maturity.

Female Ring Tailed Lemur have 1-2 children at a time during pregnancy . The pregnancy lasts approximately 4 months. After birth, there is approximately a period of 12 months before they can become pregnant again.

The mating behaviors of the Ring Tailed Lemur are Promiscuous which means A mating behavior where individuals mate with multiple partners without forming lasting bonds.

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