How long does a caterpillar stay a caterpillar?

Caterpillars are the larvae of butterflies and moths. The total lifespan of the caterpillar before going to the next stage is between 2-5 weeks; depending on the species and environment, this may differ. It is said that this stage, being the caterpillar stage, is the most dangerous as the mortality rates are very high.

Caterpillars do not stay in one place for long; they are constantly moving and feeding. After a few days or a few weeks of eating and growing (again, depending on species and environmental factors), it will find a safe spot to form a chrysalis (or cocoon).

Once inside, it will undergo metamorphosis, where it will change from a caterpillar into a butterfly or moth. After this process is complete, the adult will emerge from its chrysalis to start the cycle again.

How long does a caterpillar live before turning into a butterfly?

A caterpillar’s life span is only about three weeks before it turns into a butterfly. The caterpillar must eat its fill of food during this time to grow strong and healthy. Once it has finished eating, it will find a safe place to pupate or form its chrysalis.

The caterpillar then goes through a metamorphosis where it changes into the next stage of its life cycle (the butterfly). During this process, the caterpillar completely dissolves into liquid, leaving only its outer skin behind. This liquid becomes the new butterfly inside the chrysalis.

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