Do wasps eat dragonflies?

No wasps do not eat dragonflies. Wasps are a huge family of insects that include many different types of wasps. While some types of wasps are very small and harmless, others are quite large and dangerous.

One type of wasp that many people are familiar with is the yellowjacket wasp. This type of wasp will sting you if you get too close to them or touch them. Yellowjackets are also known as hornets, but they are not actually related to hornets; they are more closely related to bees.

There are plenty of other types of wasps that can be found around your home as well, including some types of paper wasps, mud daubers, tobacco hornets, and more. The only kind that attacks humans is the paper wasp; these creatures do not eat humans but do bite them when they try to take down their hive near homes or schools!


While some wasps scavenge upon dead bodies in the wild, there is no documented case of a wasp eating a dragonfly or any other animal for that matter.

Wasps do not eat dragonflies because there are no dragonflies in North America or Europe where most paper wasps live or have been seen before.

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