Do flies eat dragonflies?

Dragonflies are generally safe, but they may be eaten by some flies, the chances being very minimal. Flies and dragonflies belong to the same order of insects, known as Odonata. Dragonflies have large heads and powerful front legs that allow them to catch their prey in flight. They also have strong, sharp jaws with which they can pierce the skin of their prey and suck out its innards.

The most common dragonfly-eating fly is the tachinid fly (Tachinidae). These small flies are brown or gray with black stripes on their wings, legs, and abdomens. They have large heads with mouths that open wide enough for them to swallow large insects whole. Tachinid flies live near streams and rivers, where they hunt for food by flying low over the water surface or perching on rocks along the banks.

Dragonflies are found all over the world, but there are only a few species of tachinid flies that eat dragonflies: Tachinus caeruleus and Evarcha betulae in North America; Evarcha complanata in Europe; Evarcha falconeri in Asia; Evarcha japonica in Asia; and Evarcha krameri in Africa.

What kind of bugs eat dragonflies?

The dragonfly is a popular insect for many people because of its beauty and grace. Dragonflies are also an important part of the environment since they eat pest insects and pollinate flowers.

Dragonflies have very sharp mouths, which are used to stab and eat their prey. Some of the things that dragonflies eat include spiders, praying mantids, robber flies, and even early-emerging bats will eat on dragonflies.

Spiders are a common food source for dragonflies because they are small enough to be swallowed whole. The spiders can be found in any part of the world where there are flowers or fruit trees.

In some areas of the U.S., praying mantids eat dragonflies during the mating season because their bodies are hard enough to break through dragonfly wings without getting injured themselves. Praying mantids use their strong legs and claws to hold onto a dragonfly while they bite through them with their mouthparts so that they can take out their innards without getting hurt themselves by being bitten by predators such as spiders or birds.

It is believed that male dragonflies are more likely than females to be eaten by predators because they tend to spend more time away from home looking for mates than females do during mating season. It is also thought that males may have stronger protective coloration, which protects them from predators better than females do when they are attacked by predators.

Do dragonflies eat other flies?

Dragonflies eat butterflies, moths, bees, flies, and even other dragonflies. They can also be cannibalistic.

Dragonflies typically eat large prey such as crickets or grasshoppers. They will also feed on smaller prey such as beetles and spiders.

The dragonfly’s mouthparts are adapted to eat insects. The mouth has very sharp jaws with numerous teeth on them, which are used for severing the insect’s body into pieces.

Dragonflies have a very sensitive tongue that allows them to detect vibrations in the air that indicate prey is nearby. This helps them locate their prey so they can strike at it quickly before it runs away.


The chances of a fly eating a dragonfly is small but possible. The number of dragonflies that are being killed by flies is extremely low, and through the decades, there has been very little research into this, and it is uncertain as to how many there are out there. From further research, flies will eat any insects they can catch and reach, including dragonflies.

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