Do butterfly’s wings grow back?

No, the butterfly’s wings will not grow back once it’s broken, as they are made of hard and sturdy chitin. The only way to grow their wings is through molting, which they can do once before they reach adulthood.

Unfortunately, a butterfly’s wings are not like the lizard’s tail. When a butterfly breaks its wing, it will never grow back as a lizard would.

Butterflies cannot fly if their wings are broken or damaged; they can’t fly away or evade predators.

The only way for them to grow their wings is through molting (casting off an outer layer and forming its replacement). They can do this only once before they reach adulthood. After reaching adulthood, they cannot replace their broken wing ever again.

This is because butterflies’ wings are made of hard and sturdy chitin. Chitin is found in the exoskeletons of insects and even our fingernails.

Why can the wings of a butterfly not grow back?

Butterflies are insects that go through metamorphosis. They begin life in an egg and hatch into a caterpillar. The caterpillar grows very large and then forms a pupa or chrysalis.

The adult butterfly emerges from pupa and lives for two to four weeks. It is during metamorphosis that butterflies develop wings and that growth is once.

A butterfly’s wings are not like the wings of a bird. A butterfly’s wings are made up of scales that overlap each other and are not connected to the body, and they can be easily lost or damaged. Butterflies do not have any muscles in their wings, so they cannot grow back their wings if they lose them.

What does it mean when you see butterflywith a broken wing?

A butterfly with a broken wing is an indication that the butterfly needs help. It may also represent the butterfly’s inability to recover from its injury or even from other things that make it feel vulnerable.


Growing new wings needs time and energy. During the short period of their adult life, it is unlikely that a butterfly can re-grow its wings. We can deduce that if a butterfly has already grown its wings once, they are unlikely to grow them again.

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