Do butterflies like banana?

Butterflies are insects that belong to the order Lepidoptera. They are found in all parts of the world. Butterflies are an important part of the ecosystem because they help pollinate plants and flowers.

Yes, butterflies do like bananas. While most butterflies drink or eat nectar from flowers a few adult ones prefer rotting fruits too. They do not live on nectar alone they also go to fruits like bananas, apples, and pears. They like bananas that are mushy.

The adult butterflies feed on bananas though it’s not clear how much they enjoy it when compared to other food sources like overripe fruit. Butterflies go crazy over bananas, but not just any banana, only the very ripe, nearly black kind.

Do butterflies like bananas?

Butterflies are known to feed on nectar from flowers and also there is a lot of scientific research that has been done on the question of whether butterflies like bananas and it seems like butterflies like bananas. However, not all of them do. It’s very likely that the adult butterflies like bananas, while others don’t. The reason for this is that the adult butterflies are different from their larvae.

The adult butterflies require extra energy for metamorphosis (a biological process by which an animal physically develops after birth), and nectar from flowers is insufficient for this. As a result, they are drawn to mushy and rotting fruits, which provide the nutrients they require while also being easier to consume.

On the other hand, butterflies don’t always eat for their nourishment alone. At times male butterflies feed on wet substances and gather the salts and minerals to pass them onto female butterflies. These salts and minerals help in egg development.

Do over-ripe bananas attract butterflies?

Butterflies are known to be attracted to the scent of rotting fruits. They are attracted to bananas that have been frozen and thawed. The more mushier the banana is, the better it attracts butterflies because it is easier for them to eat. In order to attarct butterflies with bananas one can hang old bananas or over-riped bananas on a tree . As Butterflies are attracted to the smell of rotting bananas and will flock to them if they are visible.

Do butterflies like banana peel?

A study published in the Journal of Insect Behavior found that if you place a banana peel near a tree, butterflies will visit it more often than they would if it were left alone. This is because the banana peel produces a chemical called acetoin which is an attractant for butterflies. Acetoin is also found in the fruit peelings that butterflies like to eat. Butterflies can be attracted to anything that contains acetoin, including other fruits like tomatoes and oranges.

Do monarch butterflies like bananas?

Monarch butterflies like other ones also like bananas. Organically grown bananas are best for the health of these butterflies.


Science has shown through research that butterflies like bananas. Adult butterflies need extra nutrients in order to complete their life cycle, and bananas provide it. For this reason, adult butterflies are typically attracted to the scent of overripe bananas. The different types of fruits that adult butterfly larvae feed on also provide them with nutrients for their growing bodies. Monarchs like bananas, but any type of fruit will do for these creatures!

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