Are moths cute?

Yes. A few moths are cute. Moths are closely related to butterflies, and some of them look exactly like tiny butterflies. It’s a little harder to find cute moths than cute butterflies since many more people are familiar with the butterfly side of this family, but there are plenty of beautiful and appealing moths out there.

A moth that looks like a butterfly:

A luna moth is one of the most beautiful creatures in the world. In fact, some people would argue that all moths are cute.

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What moth is the cutest?

The rosy maple moth is one of the cutest moths in existence. It easily wins the award for most adorable caterpillar, as well. This species has a wingspan of just 1.5 inches, and its bright pink coloring is a rarity among moths and butterflies. The males are pink, while the females tend to be yellow with a slight green tint.

The scientific name is Dryocampa rubicunda, which translates to “forest-dwelling caterpillar with a ruddy body.” This species ranges across North America, and it tends to thrive in dense forests where the temperatures remain cool all year round. These moths typically live only two weeks, but they manage to produce two generations per year.

Moths have some of the most startling patterning, incredible coloring, and the most variety of sizes and shapes. They are hidden in plain sight. Everyone looks at a butterfly, but hardly anybody looks at a moth. For this reason, it’s easier to find cute butterflies than cute moths, because there are so many more butterflies out there.

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